BERING Arctic Symphony Rose Gold Detachable Charm Set
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BERING Arctic Symphony Rose Gold Detachable Charm Set


Tailor your look with exquisite, unique combinations. The ARCTIC SYMPHONY COLLECTION, with its large selection of charms, sets a creative highlight for a distinctive style. The strikingly beautiful charms are distinguished by their unique design and are perfect worn in combination with necklaces and bracelets in different colours. Fine engraving adds an additional, personal touch to the pendants.

Inspired by Danish design, the glamorous rose gold coloured charm glitters with sparkling black elements and an engraved personal message reading "BELIEVE".

Words and symbols are fond memories of events, of our goals and of our values. They represent the values for which you stand and which you outwardly express. Wear your personal value engraved as a secret message and a style highlight every day, or give it to someone special as a gift.

Category: charm
Collection: Arctic Symphony
Gender: female
Link material: stainless steel
Link color: black
Material: stainless steel
Color: rose gold